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With so many other options available, why choose us? We hope you do so because quality means as much to you as it does to us. But we also understand that an Indie author has a keen eye on the bottom line. You'll find our prices very affordable. What's better than that?

We do everything a publishing house does while leaving the royalties strictly to you.

Our editing packages will take your book from the very start of the editing process all the way to release, making Finish the Story a one-stop solution. No more worrying about pricing different editors for different facets. Everything you need (except cover art, and we're working on that!) is here, giving you more time to work on the next book. Take it easy--let us do the work for you.


Who We Are

Claire Ashgrove, Editor - Romance, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Women's Fiction, Erotic Romance, Suspense, Action Adventure, Young Adult, Non-Fiction

Claire Ashgrove is an award-winning, national bestselling author who brings to the editing table a background in Fiction freelance editing, dominantly romance on a referral-only basis since 2009. Over the course of her career she has edited too many novels to count, maintained a stable of fifteen authors at any given time, and the novels she's worked on span the gamut - from Ancient Rome to galaxies far away, she's edited many. Professionally, she's worked for The Wild Rose Press, Entangled, and has experience not only in editing the accepted story, but also in romance acquisitions as well.

She excels in contemporary and paranormal romance, with several of her authors' books receiving awards, including the prestigious Golden Heart through Romance Writers of America. She's also spent over a decade in the fantasy fiction markets with a heavy emphasis on world-building approaches. She has a particular eye for story conflict and relating character stakes. She's presented many workshops and online classes related to crafting genre fiction and enjoys mentoring less-experienced authors on craft basics.

Claire believes in candid conversations between author and editor, and she is committed to making self-published books equal to traditionally published books in terms of quality and design. To this end, she believes in educating authors, not just calling out errors, and attempts to teach whenever possible.


Christine Amsden, Editor - Romance, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction, Suspense, Mystery, Young Adult, Middle Grade, Literary Fiction, Memoirs, Non-Fiction

Christine Amsden is an award-winning author of cross-genre novels, including the popular Cassie Scot ParaNormal Mystery Series. In her writing, she draws from science fiction, fantasy, romance, mystery, and suspense. As a book lover and editor, she reads even more widely. Above all genre considerations, Christine loves a great character and captivating story.

Christine has edited countless books over the years, both as a freelancer and as an editor on staff at Twilight Times Books. She has edited the bestselling Schooled in Magic series by Chris Nuttall, proudly watching him grow in skill and talent through twelve volumes (so far), and the award-winning science fiction novel Under Strange Suns by Ken Lizzi. She has also edited historical fiction, romance, erotica, memoirs, literary fiction, and is always up for something new and intriguing.

As an editor, Christine's goal is not just to help produce a better book, but also to help authors grow in their craft. She sees editing as part teaching and will take the time to explain her corrections, especially recurring corrections, whether she's doing a developmental edit or a copyedit. In fact, Christine segued into editing from teaching writing workshops through Savvy Authors and Romance Writers of America.

She lives in the Kansas City area with her husband and two kids. When she's not writing or editing, she enjoys games (board, card, or role-playing), binge-watching Netflix, and yoga.


Sara Lunsford, Editor - Romance, erotic romance, erotica, horror, speculative fiction, thriller, suspense, literary, commercial fiction, and narrative nonfiction.

Sara Lunsford has been a freelance editor for seventeen years and has worked on a wide range of projects from ad copy to genre fiction. She views the editing process to be much like midwifery. It's her job to help you bring your baby to life and clean it up before it meets the world. In addition, Sara is an award winning author with forty plus titles under various pen names and across genres.


Our Philosophy

Challenge breeds success.

We believe that no manuscript is ever perfect and there are always ways authors can improve, no matter how long they've been published or how many books they've written. As such, our goal is to help you, the author, create a manuscript readers will keep talking about long after the last page is read.

We understand that Independent publishing allows authors freedoms traditional publishing doesn't embrace. We understand each story is unique and each author has an individual style and voice. We respect the Independent author's choices, and we encourage boundaries to be pushed. There are still measures of quality readers expect, and we will help you meet them through candid remarks, honest opinions, and thorough analysis. Here, we are forthright and candid with the best of intentions, because we want you to succeed.

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