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Book Fixing

Book Fixing

Book Fixing is designed for the first-time author who has never been published and doesn't have the craft experience necessary to jump right into editing. Not all first-time authors need this service.

Now and then a debut author has his/her heart set on publishing a book that frankly isn't ready for editing. These books are often riddled with craft errors, grammatical errors, plot and structure gaps, and characterization issues. That's okay -- we understand and certainly won't criticize. But entering a book into the editing process at this stage is not beneficial as the three-process structure won't cover the manuscript's needs. Typically we will make a recommendation off a sample edit if this process is needed.

This option takes the book through as many passes as it may need. Be warned, this is serious writing work. The editors will not write the story for you. We will, however, take time to offer individual, personalized instruction on craft lessons and extensive writing suggestions to navigate problematic issues.

Because fixing a book is a time consuming effort, the fee structure is calculated hourly (broken down by 15-minute intervals if necessary) and as such, varies from project to project.

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