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Manuscript Critique Service

Our manuscript critique services are designed to give you prompt, constructive feedback on a specific excerpt of your book. We employ professional editors and published authors who are well-versed in positive critique approaches and genuinely want to see you succeed. All material submitted is considered private and confidential.

How It Works

We will accept up to 25 double-spaced pages at a time. This may be a full chapter, it may be a scene, it may be a partial scene--whatever you need feedback on.

Once we receive your excerpt, we will review it for structure, point of view, pacing, passive writing, and all the other craft-related nuances. We will not correct typographical errors or fix sentence structure or perform any other standard editing work.

When we have completed our review, we will return to you a summary report of our thoughts, suggestions for improvement, and our overall impression. You may, depending on the critiquer, also receive the file itself back with markups in the manuscript.

Format your submission as follows:

  • Double-Spaced pages (or 25 lines per page)
  • Times New Roman Font, 12pt
  • File Type must be .doc or .rtf

Please include, in the body of your email, any necessary plot information our reviewers might need to understand the scene.


Turn Around Time - 1 Week

PRICE: $1.00 per page

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