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Are you curious whether you've hooked your reader? Having trouble with a particular scene? Not sure if your structure is working out right?

Let us help!

Our professional critique services will provide you with feedback on a small portion of your completed manuscript or your current work in progress.


Developmental Editing
Line Editing

Need them all or just a specific type? We can help! Our editing staff will handle your needs promptly and reliably.


Not sure what you need or wanting multiple services?

Check out these package deals and reduce your overall cost.

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Not sure how to embed fonts? Not even certain which font to use? Does the word upload send you into panic attacks?

We offer formatting services for both print books and digital-only boooks. If you'd like us to handle uploading the book to the various sales sites, we'll be happy to take that off your plate.


Need a descerning eye for your query letter? Looking to polish your non-fiction proposal? Is your synopsis compelling?

We offer a variety of services beyond mere editing to help you transform your working manuscript into a published book.


Whether it's actually turning an idea into a written book or navigating the constant stream of options after publication, sometimes the world of publishing is overwhelming and it helps to have an unbiased perspective. We're happy to offer our experience and help you define career goals, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop realistic milestones.

Author mentoring is tailored to individual clients and available to all levels of craft development.

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